2017 — VondelCS was hosting The Hmm on Wednesday March 3rd 2017. Expect the visual language of contemporary feminism, how to become an influencer in 30 days, and an encyclopedia of reality shows.

A heavy reality-show-addict herself, Lisa Moret made a Reality Show encyclopedia for her graduation product at the KABK last year. She discovered what remains once you remove the true love, survival skills and perfect cupcakes these shows seem to promote - thehmm.nl

Reality-show verslaafde Lisa Moret komt met iets heel bijzonders: haar Reality Show Encyclopedie. Deze heeft ze gemaakt als afstudeerproject aan de Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten in Den Haag. Ze filterde de ‘ware liefde’, survival skills en perfecte cupcakes uit de shows en keek wat er overbleef - vondelcs.nl

A shot from VPRO's Eva la Futura item on being a Spectacles Reporter at The Hmm evening. Watch the full video here.

UNDER PRESSURE! #Repost @evalafutura ・・・ @studio_lisamoret listing as many reality shows as possible in 10 sec 🍑⭐️🍟🍔

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